Term and Conditions

Term and Conditions

All students must ensure that they read the following terms and conditions of admission before they sign the application form.


·   Admission for a course, together with the payment of the dues, constitutes an abiding agreement on the student to follow the courses.

·   Selected candidates failing to deposit full fee by the due date.

·   Admission/Tuition fee once paid is non-refundable.

·   During this course student’s attendance must be 95%. Absence through illness must be supported by a medical certificate.

·   Behavior that puts other students and staff at risk or in a harmful/dangerous situation will not be tolerated and disciplinary procedures will be implemented.

·   By signing this you are bound to organization  rules and regulation & disciplinary code of conduct

·   This is only learning programs so at the completion of course no certificate/diploma issue to the Student’s from our side.

·   Our courses cannot be challenged in the court.

·   The "KAMSHAM" reserves the right to all rights.